It feels like only one pad is working, what do we do?

Ensure the wire is connected to electrode pad. It is possible that one electrode pad was placed closer to a nerve center. This situation is very common because one side of your body is more sensitive than the other. The machine is working fine and this is very common and expected.

When you turn the power dial on and stimulation is weak or you feel nothing what do we do?

Most commonly is the batteries, please refer to our troubleshooting guide

Where do I place the electrode pads?

The unit has a large LCD screen where the suggested pad placement locations are prominently displayed for each of your selected settings. Also there is an instruction manual included. For pain relief simply place the pads on or around the area you are feeling the pain. Pay attention to warning of locations never to apply any electrical current to including chest, temple or front of neck locations.

The adhesive pads are not sticking like new anymore?

We are proud of our long lasting pads If need be, dip your fingers in water and remoisten the pads (with power turned OFF) between reapplying.
Once original adhesiveness is gone you can rejuvenate the adhesiveness by placing them under warm running water (ensure lead wire is unplugged from the main unit) and rub the adhesive surfaces together until you feel strong resistance between the two surfaces then peel apart and use.
Full contact with the adhesive pads and your skin is essential for maximum results and comfort. There are certain areas like the back of your neck that no adhesive pads will stick to due to either the fine hairs there or the contour of the area. Simply roll up a towel and apply pressure to the pads with the rolled up towel.

Treatment feels uncomfortable or like pins and needles?

This is a state of the art device that has solved the traditional TENS devices problems of delivering an uncomfortable treatment. At no time should the stimulation or sensation that you experience feel uncomfortable or sharp pin like. If you are encountering this it is most likely due to insufficient contact between the adhesive electrode and skin surface. This is usually due to lack of moisture on the pads. 

How long should I use this device?

Use the device as often as you feel needed or as your body dictates to you. this device is safe for long term use and if you over-use in any one location your muscles will simply become soar from over excursion. If this occurs do not treat those specific muscles for 2 days and then re-apply treatment but lessen the treatment time.

Is this machine safe if wearing a pulse regulator or pacemaker?

Unfortunately not. This unit or any other low frequency is not to be used. Although if you have a heart condition but are not using any heart pacemaker then it may be safe to use.

Should I need to consult with my doctor about using this device?

All health concerns should be brought to the attention of your health professional for proper diagnosis and treatment. Our device can easily and safely be applied by anyone capably of expressing there own thoughts. It comes with a large LCD screen, detailed manual however it is not intended to replace your health care professional.

Where do I buy a Family Doctor II, Accessories , replacement pads or inquire into distribution.

            Contact person whos name and information is on this website.

Can I use this device to build my muscles?

The second automatic mode is called Body Shaping. This mode is intended to stimulate healthy muscles including the abdomen muscles in order to enhance and improve muscle performance. This program consists of a warm up period, that gently works the muscle fibres and workout periods that imposes a high power working level on muscle fibres and is intended to increase the maximum strength of muscle contractions. This device will not make the user lose body fat but can be used to maintain and improve muscle tone.  

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