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The FAMILY DOCTOR II has programs imitating the feelings of a real massage via electric pulses. This provides deep therapeutic function providing effective results for pain relief and muscle relaxation where other therapies or treatments may have not. It simulates a deep therapeutic muscle massage as well as various muscle mobilization exercises.
The FAMILY DOCTOR II effectively transfers your desired choice of settings directly through the adhesive electrode pads to your selected area. Amazing results are achieved by stimulating the nerve cells of muscles in such a way as to encourage the expansion and relaxation of the muscles, this allows increased blood flow into the tissue bringing proteins and essential nutrients into the area. The electronic pulse current stimulates the nerves, generating muscle movement without efforts of the user. This is a natural occurrence and a direct result of the device.
The intensity of the electrical current determines the number of working fibers in the stimulated muscles. The lower the current intensity the lower the number of working fibers in the muscle, the higher the current intensity the greater the number of working fibers in the muscle.

If using this device for pain relief or for sore and aching muscles then you will find that setting the current intensity to your own comfortable and pleasing level will give you much satisfaction
If you desire to stimulate healthy muscles in order to enhance and improve muscle performance then you want to achieve a significant number of working fibers.

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