Precautions - Cleaning & Maintenance - Troubleshooting

The FAMILY DOCTOR II has deep therapeutic functions providing a deep therapeutic muscle massage as well as various muscle mobilization exercises. There are several testimonials supporting the health benefits of using low frequency current as a therapeutic means as a means of therapy.

The FAMILY DOCTOR II effectively transfers your desired choice of settings directly through the electrode pads,that you have placed on the area of discomfort on your body, causing your muscles to actually contract and relax.



The following should NOT use the FAMILY DOCTOR II or any kind of electrical stimulators;

Ģ Persons with pacemakers or pulse regulators
Ģ Persons using electrocardiographs
Ģ Expectant Mothers
Ģ Infants or small child
Ģ Epileptics

Before using the FAMILY DOCTOR II Low Frequency Therapeutic Massager please consult your doctor if suffering from any of the following:

Ģ An acute disease
Ģ Malignant tumor
Ģ Infectious disease
Ģ Heart disease
Ģ High fever
Ģ Abnormal blood pressure
Ģ Numbness of skin
Ģ Do NOT place the adhesive electrodes on the following areas; near the heart, above neck, mouth, private parts, eyes, open wounds, fractures or areas of recent surgery.
Ģ Do NOT disassemble, repair or modify in any way.
Ģ Do NOT use for any other treatment except for what it is intended for.
Ģ Do NOT use on children without supervision.
Ģ Do NOT use while bathing or showering.
Ģ Do NOT go to sleep while using the FAMILY DOCTOR II.
Ģ Do NOT use while you are driving(due to possible extreme stimulation or relaxation)
Ģ Do NOT use for extended periods of time.
Ģ Do NOT let the electrode pads come in contact with necklace, etc. during treatment.
Ģ Do NOT move the adhesive electrodes during the treatment while power is on.
Ģ Supervision is necessary when used near children to prevent accidental strangulation.
Ģ Never fasten electrode pads with metal pins or other metallic objects.
Ģ If you feel uncomfortable, such as nausea or dizziness - stop the treatment.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Ģ The main unit may be cleaned with a damp soapy cloth.
Ģ Gently clean with a wet cloth. (Do not use paper tissue)
Ģ Wind the wire onto the slot on the board and fasten it.
Ģ Clean with a damp cloth.

Storing your FAMILY DOCTOR II:

Ģ Always store the adhesive electrodes with the electrode protection film attached to the pads and on the wiring boards. 
Ģ Avoid storing in high temperature, high humidity or direct sunlight. 
Ģ Remove battery when not using unit for an extended period of time.

Toubleshooting Guide

Power Dial is turned on and the unit is not functioning
Weak/dead batteries or improperly installed batteries. Replace batteries or correctly install batteries.
Foreign object inside the battery compartment. Check and clean.
Check whether the batteries or battery springs have a bad connection. Use a proper tool to pull the spring slightly outwards.
Feel nothing or stimulation is weak
Weak battery. Replace with new batteries.
Protection paper on the pad has not been removed. Turn power off and remove the protection paper.
Pads over lapping each other. Turn off the unit and place pads separately.
Plug not inserted into the jack properly. Turn off the unit and insert the plugs correctly.
Check that the wires are not broken. Replace with new wire.
Pads not moisten enough to properly attached to body. Moisten pads and place tightly to skin.
The skin where treatment occurred turns red and irritated
Treatment time to long. Reduce the treatment time.
Skin allergic to adhesive electrode pad. If allergy is quite light, change position of the adhesive pad. In the case the allergy is serious, please do not continue to use the pads(clamp only).
Pad not attached to skin tightly. Attach firmly to skin.
Surface of pad damaged. Use a new pad.
Adhesive surface has been contaminated. Clean or change the pad.

The FAMILY DOCTOR II is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one(1) year to the original purchaser from date of retail purchase if used under normal personal use. This warranty is void if this device was subject to misuse or accidental breakage, damage caused by dropping, being dismantled or tampered with, normal wear from daily use or used for commercial purposes.

If you feel this product has become defective and you have followed the trouble shooting guideand none of the statements above pertain, then we will repair or replace at our discretion. Simply return product to us prepaid, along with original store receipt showing date of purchase and note explaining reason for return to:

FAMILY DOCTOR II, 122-B 1st Street NE, Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada, R7N 1B5

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