The Family Doctor II has incorporated six (6) manual modes with various pulse sensations and four (4) pre-programmed automatic modes that incorporate expanded variations of the manual mode pulse sensations to best treat specific areas of your body.

Manual Modes

Hammering - Hammering is intended for a hard thumping workout of your muscles. Simulates muscle building.
Acupuncture -Simulates acupuncture without the needles by utilizing differing magnitudes of electronic pulses to achieve the effect of differing needle depths thus stimulating the nerves for relaxation.
Naprapathy -The goal of this therapy is to restore natural flexibility   through a sustainable low frequency current.  Ideal for healing muscles.
Cupping - A very fast and light electrical therapy workout, with constant vibration focusing on the inner muscle groups.
Scraping - A low frequency workout that scratches the outer skin gently.
Massage  - A moderate massage that penetrates the muscles softly and deeply

Automatic Modes

There are 4 major preprogrammed integrated modes that are a prescription series of impulses that utilize an expanded variation of the manual mode waveforms to best treat the effected area being treated.

Balance / Relax Body Equipped with specially designed Ear clips that incorporate a step down process, the FAMILY DOCTOR II has the function to balance and relax the body when properly used.

Using the Ear clips: Direct the metal electrodes on the clips onto the back of ears.  

Select the automatic mode of the balance/relax body, gradually regulate the intensity until you feel slight numbing of the earé─˘s.
This Automatic program utilizes 2 Modes and 4 different pulse widths.  

Body Shaping This program offers pre programmed pulse sequences that simulate muscle building and é─˙Body Shapingé─¨ workout techniques. This program consists of a warm up and workout periods. This automatic program utilizes 4 modes and 15 different pulse widths.  

Neck / Shoulder This program utilizes preprogrammed pulse widths best experienced on the back of neck and shoulder region including   the Deltoid and Trapezius muscle regions. This automatic
program utilize 4  modes and 12 different pulse widths .

Lower Back / Leg This program utilizes preprogrammed pulse widths best experienced on your lower back / lower extremity regions.  This program utilizes 5 modes and 12 different pulse widths.

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