Small Spare Replacement Electrode Pads: This is same size electrode that comes with the unit. Covers approx. 30cm2

 small replacement pad

Large Spare Electrode Pads: These electrodes are the same shape as the smaller ones but covers approx. 72cm2. This larger adhesive area covers a larger skin surface contact area and thus is capable of working a larger muscle area. You experience the amazing pulse sensations of the Family Doctor II to an even greater level with the use of these larger adhesive pads.

 larger pad

Accupoint Reflexology Sandals: The Accupoint Reflexology Sandals stimulate your acupressure points on the bottom of your feet, which represents reflexology for those of you familiar with this popular therapy.

 This accessory not only feels fantastic, but, is extremely therapeutic and very easy to use guaranteeing a very satisfying sensation. The use of these Sandals is known to assist in detoxifying your body. Do not use these sandals more than 20 minutes a day for the first two weeks and drink plenty of water during this period to help flush the recently released toxins.

 reflex sandals

Spare Wire Lead: This is the same wire that comes in the box with the main unit. We have had many requests to supply a spare wire with the sandals so you do not have to continually unsnap the ends from the sandals or pads, thus not damage them.

 extra wire

Scalp Massager: This is an incredible, handheld Scalp Massager that gently stimulates millions of nerve endings as well as acupressure points on the scalp that brings goose bumps from your head to toes. It is a motorized massager with copper tips on the fingers. You can turn the motor on for a thrilling sensation or use without the motor for a more gentle massage. It only takes a moment to experience this euphoric feeling.

 scalp Massager


Warranty Card: You have the option to purchase Extended Warranty Cards for $20.00 . This gives a total of 3 years warranty on the main unit only. Denting sales will be responsible for replacement of the unit and freight one way. It will be the consumerís expense to send the defect, original bill of sale and extended warranty card to the FDII home office in order to receive the warranty replacement.



All accessories extra.

 Accessory Pricing:
 Small Spare Replacement Electrode Pads


 Large Spare Electrode Pads


 Accupoint Reflexology Sandals


 Spare Wire Lead


 Scalp Massager


 Optional Warranty Card



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